Engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive…

I’m celebrating Bell Hooks today thanks to a dear friend who brought her to mind. I’m also sharing some links to old posts from Beyond Meds that are somewhat on topic:

Genuine love is rarely an emotional space where needs are instantly gratified. To know love we have to invest time and commitment…’dreaming that love will save us, solve all our problems or provide a steady state of bliss or security only keeps us stuck in wishful fantasy, undermining the real power of the love — which is to transform us.’ Many people want love to function like a drug, giving them an immediate and sustained high. They want to do nothing, just passively receive the good feeling. ― Bell Hooks


For me, forgiveness and compassion are always linked: how do we hold people accountable for wrongdoing and yet at the same time remain in touch with their humanity enough to believe in their capacity to be transformed? ― Bell Hooks

For more see:

Being oppressed means the absence of choices ― Bell Hooks


I want there to be a place in the world where people can engage in one another’s differences in a way that is redemptive, full of hope and possibility. Not this “In order to love you, I must make you something else”. That’s what domination is all about, that in order to be close to you, I must possess you, remake and recast you. ― Bell Hooks


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