New Project for People Who Hear Positive Voices

By Will Hall

Dr. Marius Romme, the Dutch psychiatrist whose pathbreaking work with Dr. Sandra Escher on voice hearing catalyzed the Hearing Voices Movement worldwide, is initiating a new project for people who hear positive voices.

He writes:

 in our society about 4% of people are hearing voices on a more a less regular basis.  Most of these people hear voices that are supportive and inspiring and who function well in society.  There are about 250 million people across the world who have this experience and many are not able to openly talk about it. This is because in our society there is not an open minded attitude towards people having  this human experience, indeed the view is mostly negative. We think it is time to change this and would ask you for your help.

To find out more about the project, or to get involved as a promoter, you can contact Dr. Romme here:

a.romme.escher – at –


download the invitation letters from Dr. Romme here: 


More on hearing voices on Beyond Meds: Hearing voices: living and thriving as voice hearers


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