The eugenic history of psychiatry is in our bodies

Part of what those of us injured by psychiatry are dealing with is the cellular knowledge that this history is in our very nervous systems via psychiatric institution, it’s proponents and the drugs used to suppress our beautiful sensitive human natures. We are not insane — we are however subject to the bullshit that has been perpetrated against us. Yes the body keeps score. If and when we allow the consciousness of these crimes against humanity to arise out of our bodies we can become a force to be reckoned with. May we all become conscious of what is happening all over the planet and within us.

The subject of the below video, eugenics and psychiatry,  is not something new to me but as my nervous system heals I need more and more of this to come to total consciousness. I lay down while listening to this video.  I closed my eyes and let the truth of these facts wash over my body. This is part of mindful healing for me.  It is in allowing the truth of all kinds to be felt in our being that we heal. Healing can hurt. Sometimes healing is excruciatingly painful. It is when we can feel and accept pain that we can also allow joy and love into our beings. We cannot shut out any of it. What has been done to us and so many others is egregious. Let us all feel it and come into love. In love we find the power to stop the carnage. Healing our bodies means knowing the true extent of what we are feeling after we are made ill from such treatment.

Robert Whitaker, journalist and author, eloquently shares this history in the below video:


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  1. Another profound post, thank you Monica. You often express things that I innately knew and was deeply aware of, but hadn’t fully realized I felt it until you wrote it and I read it. Thank you! I will check out the video. Thanks again.

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