Say yes…

Listen to the body. It has all our ancestors within. Lots of mothers and fathers from the beginning of time…all recorded in our DNA. We also have access to the entire living collective via our body and spirit, both.



If we see unconsciousness in another it is none other than our own unconsciousness.


Dimensions will endlessly multiply. They are the same thing as voices in the so-called psychotic. Watch it all — don’t get sucked in — every “dimension” will collapse into one.


Motivation is largely unconscious and connected to our ancestral lineage. It doesn’t actually have any rational sense in any sort of conventional sense. We tell a lot of stories about motivation but ultimately we don’t even actually have much if any control over what it is we do. Because we are the accumulated result of our ancestors and we come to consciousness as a cog in that line of beings– we discover something unique to us and bring that new data in for the entire human species and the one connected entity that is everything…


We are infected with our own unlived lives.


Say yes to your experience. That is all.


So be it


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