Returning to roots and well-being with food

I made eggplant Parmesan for the first time in at least 10 years. Reintroducing foods from my ancestry (I’m an immigrants daughter so it’s not far removed) I ate this way growing up, along with speaking Italian in my American home. My healing has taken me full circle.

In rediscovering the diet of the people I come from, I find that it has a cohesiveness that means that even though a lot of foods considered unhealthy in the USA are eaten liberally, they are balanced with food and drink that helps good digestion. Obesity is relatively rare in Italy even now.

American diet fads are largely hype and is driven by capitalism. Every health guru knows exactly what you should be eating! I’ve done them all now. Vegan to keto and all inbetween.  I went off gluten for 11 yrs…now it’s clear that it’s helping in profound ways to HEAL my gut. (it’s also true that without systematic ways to pay attention to my body I wouldn’t have learned how to listen to my body. Elimination diets helped that process immensely)

So yeah, the main takeaway is that gluten and especially sour dough bread, is loaded with pre-biotics that my gut is just so happy to have again. I had my first bagel the other day which is made with high gluten flour and OH MY did my heart sing along with my happy gut.  It’s not just Italian stuff.  And wow, I’d not had a bagel in at least 15 years.

It’s important to note I do not eat like this daily. I actually often eat only fruit and veggies all day long. What is important and wonderful is being able to eat anything I want…AT THE RIGHT TIME. Timing is everything and I know food. I’m into all food and herbs as appropriate.

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2 thoughts on “Returning to roots and well-being with food

  1. Dear Monica, I am so thrilled for you, with you. I saw myself in every word of this blog. Thank you. Sending love from both of us on Maui. Stuck on Maui, what a problem!


    1. I want to come and be stuck with you…still hoping the day comes that I can fly again (not pandemic reasons) … I almost died the last time I flew. My lymph wasn’t working and ballooned up with about 40 lbs of water. Terrible. I’m getting that in order now…still have to be careful about eating…I can’t always eat…when I eat however, the world, has indeed, opened up! LOVE to you both.


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