wisdom and foolishness

The cycle breaker, the black sheep, the “mentally ill” and the unstable, the creative, the artist, and the mystic. The throw-aways and the odd balls in society have this calling. These days only some of us make it. The chronically ill, the homeless, the imprisoned, those who use lots of substances to cope etc are all called to this path. The shaman of oou time need societies support. The fringe is where wisdom is formed.


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3 thoughts on “wisdom and foolishness

  1. Absolutely! Applies to me, so often criticized for style or timing of speaking, expected by regulations to shut up, never speaking. Have a good therapist now who helps me focus on 2 things: my rest, since my life is easier if I rest, and to keep trying to speak my wisdom. I’m finding that I often do it wrong, too harsh, incomplete, not enough peace and appreciation of others – but when I’m generally more rested and I had to learn to say no to some things and accept FOMO – and other feelings, but as time passes I value my efforts, also supplement them with some non verbals, like local engagements, singing and bridge. Not simple to build one’s own support group, gradually, not run away, quit or hide. Like floating, it goes well if I don’t panic!


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