The gut microbiota and ancestry (depressive symptoms)

Ancestry is absolutely critical in understanding individual microbiomes. I’ve only begun to really address it publically as it’s taken a while to figure out how to articulate what I’ve come to know ..I got clear on how to eat when I remembered my own upbringing with a very traditional and healthy Italian mediterranean diet…

…it turned out all the dietary advice from other white folks in America was totally wrong for me! — and thus we can assume for a lot of other people too. Alternative medicine is generally as much a crock as Western medicine in our capitalism driven world. The vulnerable sick or emotionally challenged are targets to anyone who wants to sell wellness.

I’ve come to know this by paying attention to my own body and papers like these corroborate.

To focus on “depression” as this study does is frankly myopic…but what’s new?

the above are thoughts based on the below article:

The gut microbiota and depressive symptoms across ethnic groups | Nature Communications

Will Hall when commenting on this article on Facebook said:

“Yeah if you eat well you feel better. Is this science or is it the impoverisation of common sense by a technocratic society, which then has to rediscover the obvious through experts? #IvanIllich

All I’ve got to add to that is, yeah, exactly.


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