Success. Thank you to all who donated towards Everything Matters: Beyond Meds upgrade. The minimum goal has been reached and the upgrade has begun. I’m happy to say the readers are the key to this site’s success.

The upgrade has begun.

Donations are always open as this has always been a voluntary effort and expenses for upkeep will always be a part of having access. The site houses over 5000 posts and continues to be a resource for many.

The archives of this site span over 15 years, containing valuable information on breaking free from the toxic “care” of psychiatry. The posts remain relevant and contribute to our understanding of this process. Hopefully, one day, such information will no longer be necessary.

What is important is our mutual love and support over the years — that is the real success. Thank you.


I’d also like to get the below info out:

newest collection: Tardive Dyskinisia (and Lyme/systemic infections etc).

I learned to understand TD in light of treating the Lyme disease and not the other way around. There is little information on tardive dyskinesia that is anything other than convenient for psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry to spread in order to continue giving dangerous pharmaceuticals to those who have already been injured by pharma. TD is a horrible condition and I hope that I can help bring light to what is happening to some. I also hope that those of us who are coming to understand these processes of injury can come together and share what we are learning.


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