Video interview with John Nash of Beautiful Mind fame (with commentary)

nashThe film A Beautiful Mind was about John Nash. There is some commentary about this film on Beyond Meds written by Bruce Levine. It’s worth reading. The story told in the movie was changed from the real events to create a politically correct view of mental illness being that one must take psychiatric drugs for the rest of one’s life. John Nash, instead, only took drugs for a brief period during crisis and then lived the great majority of his life without psychotropic medication.

I’ve posted these videos and the commentary before and since it seems to me the blog is forever getting new readers I’m posting it again. This is an important topic since John Nash is now perhaps the most famous person who was every labeled schizophrenic and the public was lied to about his condition in the blockbuster movie.

John Nash in the below video says explicitly he never used psychiatric drugs again after an initial period of crisis and the movie was purposely misleading because the screenwriter’s mother was a psychologist enamored with psych meds and feared people would go off their meds if they knew the truth. Horrifying, isn’t that?

This sort of refusal to acknowledge drug free recovery among so many people who’ve been labeled with psychiatric diagnosis  is a very dangerous and serious problem. We are everywhere and we are thriving in many cases. Yet our existence is widely denied.

So, John Nash recovered from what is often labeled schizophrenia. The fact is there are countless others who also recover every day and are simply forgotten — the system and those who support long-term maintenance psychotropic drug use denies they were ever sick if they are mentioned.

But this is untrue. People recover and move on from such crisis all the time. There is a long list of such folks who share such stories here on Beyond Meds.

Unfortunately, at this juncture in history many people who get labeled with psychiatric illness these days do not have the opportunity for recovery because they are encouraged to stay ill by a system that all too often impedes psychological growth by use of excessive psychotropic drugs. This over-use of medication also kills people. The average life-span of people taking these medications is 25 years shorter than people who do not take these drugs. The drugs cause a long laundry list of problems only some of which are diabetes, obesity, heart conditions and a shrinking brain.

Many others become chronically ill like me with the medical establishment not even recognizing the damage the drugs wreak. Psychiatric drugs are neurotoxins and they harm in numerous ways. I’ve been gravely disabled for many years. This is not uncommon among those of us who come off drugs after many years. Protracted withdrawal syndromes can be very serious.

We need to realize there is great reason to minimize drug use and expect that most people can heal significantly enough to rarely if ever need psychotropics at all in the long run.

Many people heal and thrive after leaving psychiatry and psych meds behind. See many recovery stories on this blog.



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