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This practice is like walking in a heavy mist. It penetrates slowly, permeating every, every, everything, until it reaches the bone and then inside the marrow of the bone. All along the way, we have had glorious moments of, “Yes, I get it! I see–yes, yes!” And then we walk on, into the mist ahead. – Cheri Huber

I found Cheri Huber’s work very helpful many years ago now. I did a post a while back on her work with a theme that is also a favorite of mine: There is nothing wrong with you

Her books are often redundant having similar messages directed to somewhat different issues. If one of the titles makes sense it may be enough to get what you need. I read several of them many years ago now and  she helped lay a groundwork for me that has served me very well.

●  The Depression Book: Depression as an Opportunity for Spiritual Growth

●  There Is Nothing Wrong With You

●  Making a Change for Good: A Guide to Compassionate Self-Discipline

●  Suffering Is Optional: Three Keys to Freedom and Joy

●  When You’re Falling, Dive: Acceptance, Freedom and Possibility

●  The Fear Book: Facing Fear Once and for All

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