Bipolar Disorder Everywhere

I’ve been wanting to write a response in reaction to this study. It’s about the rampant diagnosing of bipolar disorder and the need for more aggressive and long-term maintenance drugging–most disturbing is the creation of a new diagnosis, “subthreshold bipolar disorder” and the whole idea of a spectrum of bipolar disorder. I wish I was up to my own analysis, but as you all know by now–I’m not at my best. So I’m turning you on to Philip Dawdy’s assessment at Furious Seasons and more at CL Psych’s website here.

I will add that, unlike the two above websites, I question all bipolar diagnosis, but what is afoot here needs to be critiqued and in spite of buying into the paradigm of bipolar disorder in general these two blogs dig in deep into the bullshit.

The damage the drugs used to treat so-called bipolar disorder is often irreversible and we are watching the psychiatric and pharmaceutical industries trying to drug anything that, as Philip says can be considered “weird” behavior.

I hope to come back to this in the future. Perhaps even a couple of months from now to add more of my own thoughts.

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