Antidepressants, rage and suicide

For an excellent piece of investigative reporting on Zoloft and antidepressants in general and some of their dangerous adverse effects (that’s a huge understatement) see Marissa Millers piece on depression introspection.

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  1. Kit,
    It’s much easier on your body if you do a slow constant daily withdrawal…

    You can open the capsules and count pills, and it’s much easier on the body…skipping days is hard on the body…

    good luck..

    I hope you feel better soon.

    (also, Effexor comes in 37.5 mg caps)

  2. I’ve been taking antidepressants for decades. About 6 months ago my dr. increased my effexor to to 225 mg. / day. suddenly I began developing rages such as I’ve never had before!!! I am now trying desperately to decrease the meds and hopefully eventually get off. Am down to 75 mg. once every other day.

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