Brought to you by Pharma?? I would think so

This site whose name in the browser includes the “word” PhRMA is worthy of discussion. It’s a “Depression Calculator” for employers to figure out what percentage of their work force is depressed. Never mind they don’t meet anyone in your workforce. They simply recommend screening and treatment once they magically figure how much money the employer is losing to depression. Hello forced screening in the work place! Hello take your drugs or lose your job! What’s next??

10 thoughts on “Brought to you by Pharma?? I would think so

  1. Yeah, like I said…exploitation…

    This is a threatening move on par with programs like Teen Screen…yup, get as many people sucked into the system and drugged as they possibly can…


  2. “low doses, psych meds do damage”
    Sure you and I may know that , but Joe Smith believes in psychiatry, and that psychiatry helps people. Add that to the pharma company that wants to sell and it is possible that employees will be “helped” for their illness( the human condition).


  3. mark, the hormones trigger a biological production of milk. Psych meds don’t trigger the production of better work from employees.

    And even at low doses, psych meds do damage- including antidepressants. Have you done any reading on the long-term effects of antidepressant usage and what happens to the neurons? That poop-out effect that meds have, especially the SSRI’s is due to permanent changes in the number of available receptor sites. Google up-regulation and down-regulation antidepressants. It can cause a permanent need for medication, and without it, worsening and more chronic depression. “Feeling better” can be achieved all sorts of ways with less serious risks and more permanent positive results.


  4. Yeah but TMA the psychiatrist just has to find the correct dosage, the”helpful” meds/drugs at a lower doses are not that obviously bad. Many people feel more happy and productive on medication. People can be controlled better/persuaded on the psychotropics. Thats why they are in use.
    If/when the drug no longer works (due to the body adapting, new hope+placebo effect wearing off) and withdrawl symptoms affect the “patient”, the employee can be fired for not working productively and a new one found for the job.

    I don’t understand how a cow making more milk, is NOT like a person working better at their job (be it more work performed or willingness to obey the boss) Define “good work”, its the boss who defines it.


  5. Exactly, Gianna. It’s more of pharma’s exploitation of psychiatry’s push to treat every emotional/psychological symptom as a biological illness.


  6. Given how many people I am now aware of who became disabled because of their use of psychotropics I wouldn’t be at all surprised if increased disability claims is what it led to. But that would be good for Pharma–not so good for the unwitting companies who are thinking about their bottom line in the completely wrong way.


  7. Yeah, but Mark, BGH is a growth hormone that makes the cow’s body respond in a certain way. Psych drugs can screw so badly with people’s thinking that they might be less productive. i don’t think we can equate the use of hormones in cows to the use of psychotropics in humans.


  8. Scary. really scary. Maybe THEY ought to think about what might be next…I’m thinking back to the Prozac induced rage that sent Joseph Wesbecker on a killing spree through his workplace back in 1989.

    I’m sure they’re talking about DRUG treatment, and not therapy that might include communication skills, coping skills, or conflict resolution for workplace-related stresses…

    I wonder how many will actually end up on disability instead if workplaces actually latch onto this idea.


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