Most likely taking a break….

As you can tell I’ve been rather absent of late. I’m still plugging along and the doctor I’m seeing does hold some promise but I’m tired and I’m finding it hard to participate in all the online mental health oriented activities I usually partake in. That means I’m reading less blogs, writing less comments and neglecting my blog. It’s hard to get inspired to write anything other than that of the navel gazing variety when I’m not staying up to date with other people’s blogs and mental health news. And even the navel gazing stuff—well some of that can be quite good at times, but I’m at a standstill. Nothing bad is happening, but it’s kind of just the same old thing going on and on. I’m tired and I don’t feel like sharing day to day minutiae.

I’m imagining this post may be at the top of the page for a while. If you are visiting for the first time please visit my “About” page. That page offers links to the nuts and bolts of this site and can be really helpful and informative. I’m actually quite proud of what I’ve accomplished here and I hope people continue to find this site useful while I’m on hiatus.

I will be back. Maybe sooner than later, but it seems that I need a break.

I will continue to respond to comments when appropriate and always enjoy getting them and I also welcome people contacting me by email—look at the side bar for my address.

In the event I take a while to get back to it, if you want to be sure to know when I am back at it you can subscribe by email to the blog—also in the side bar. No junk mail, just notification of when I update.

Cheers to all.

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