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Today I cried. I cried for Britney. As stir-crazy points out, virtually no one is pointing out that she is being forced treated and that this may actually be an injustice. No, it’s for her own good and it’s because of all sorts of “facts” people are assuming they know about her.

What is happening to this young woman is a tragedy. I cried because it cut to the bone. I cried because I saw people all over the mental health cyber world trashing her in various ways. I was Britney, sans children and fame, 23 years ago. It was excruciatingly painful for me without the media attention and losing my children. I was scared and lost and alone and no one offered me a viable alternative to the torture I was subjected to.

Britney has it worse. I was seen by dozens of people (my co-op roomates), she is being seen by millions. The shame and humiliation was indescribable for me—think of what it is for Britney. And it’s not just that it’s on the world screen—forced treatment is a crime against humanity—what we go through in the hospital when forced is no less than torture—bound and tied, left in isolation—yes that all still happens. Offering no alternative to drugs that kill is a crime too. Having a media that is out for blood is also sickening with all of us out here lapping it up.

We humans are often so disgusting.

This opens so many wounds.

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  1. Years ago, I had a very good and intelligent friend who joined Scientology and, in due time, became a teacher. Thus, I did a great deal of research on it. I think that until they’ve read At Least their book on Dianetics that most folks are talking out of their ass about it.

    I’ll never be a Scientologist–pagan to the end, that’s me. However, I found their way of life to be just as sane as any other that I’ve heard about. Certainly I think that the Catholic Church is Much More of a “cult” than Scientology ever was.

    Just a Thought… Sky

  2. Thank you for the thoughtful and articulate post. I just don’t know what people get out of slamming her so much. I mean it’s a defense mechanism to cover their own insecurities and it’s not like I’m perfect or anything but how can someone feel that much better about themselves by trashing someone obviously in a lot of pain? I too was so sensitive and so embarrassed after episodes that I can’t even imagine what it would be like to be under the eyes of hundreds of millions.

  3. Yes, like some many I didn’t know very much about Britney until all of this. I still don’t know that much about her. It doesn’t sound like she was ever a danger to anyone. I just posted about this on Philip’s site and then thought I’d drop by your blog. As always, the good news is, there are other fellow travelers who see this mess for what it is.

  4. I can imagine that Scientology is interested in taking Britney under its wings. To get her on side would be a great PR coup for the church.

    Without wishing to endorse Scientology, it must be one of the few movements powerful enough to seize the tentacles of organized psychiatry and Big Pharma, and throw them off the poor woman’s back.

    No coincidence, there are huge bucks at stake here for all parties.

    If Britney joined the Scientology fold, her fame and fortune would aid the church enormously.

    We might also envision Big Pharma exploiting the “recovered” star, spattering her story across the Controlled Media as a promotion for its brain-disabling poisons.

  5. Gianna,

    I allowed myself to get drawn into the Britney Spears discussion online myself – and feel bad about some of what transpired – discussions about the personal life of someone who is in a terrible situation.

    The points I made were that these matters are best left to juries – If a person is not seen as a threat to themselves or others by a jury – with the burden of proof on the prosecution, there is no reason to incarcerate someone – period.

    This includes any and all ‘bizarre’ behavior – saying or doing or acting in ways that are deemed ‘innapropriate’ or ‘strange’ is not the matter at hand – a person gets to stand on the street corner and tell passer-bys that he is the King of England – he/she gets to believe it – he/she gets to do whatever he wants to do in this country – as long as he breaks no laws…….

    If he/she breaks a law in the process, we have a system in place already – and the punishment fits the crime – we have a Consitution that protects us from ‘cruel and unusual’ punishment…….We need nothing more – and nothing LESS…..

    Anything less than this is not rule of law – it’s rule of psychiatry – a subjective call by a kangaroo court – with a prosecution team of shrinks and social workers…..

    That’s not our law in this country – it’s been cirumvented – hijacked – stolen……

    When I see the footage of young kids who floated up on the beaches of Normandy – gave their lifes to fight Nazi Germany – to protect this world against tyranny – this is when I cry…….

    I cry for those who laid down everything – who didn’t come home to their family farms in Kansas, or their burroughs in New York city – didn’t get a chance to see their first-born come out of their mother’s womb – teach their own son how to ride a bicycle – didn’t get a chance to walk their own daughter down the ailse – or wrap their arms around their own grandkids…..

    Life was cut short for them – to make damned sure this kinda thing never happens in this country……

    And, it’s happening this very moment.
    This story is not about Britney Spears – although, my heart goes out for her – it really does……

    This is a story about much more – this is a story about Freedom.

    And the need to be free – free from being strapped onto hospital beds and gurneys – free to walk down city streets, or out to our favorite parks….free to basque in the sun, or work all day on our computers… to write a piece of poetry, or call a friend on the phone……

    Free to do whatever it is we want to do – free to be whoever we chose to become – free to dream……

    No, this is not about Britney Spears…..
    It’s about much more……

    You weep for her because you understand what it’s like to lose the most precious gift each of us have – and it ain’t mental health – it’s Freedom.

    I weep with you Gianna – maybe if enough people start seeing this for what it is, it will come to and end…..I hope so – I pray so…..


  6. She’s just not ready to help herself yet. The ramifications are far and wide. When you enjoy the attention and the paps, it creates a viscious circle. Her perception of normalcy is so far off, it will take her a while to get her boot straps back. I hope it is sooner rather than later, in part for her kids’ sake.

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