More on neuroplasticity of the brain

This program gave me a degree of hope I have not been feeling lately.

Amazing video which shows the vast ability of the brain to heal—that is it’s neuroplasticity. And though it doesn’t explicitly talk about healing from severe mental illness it’s implicit.

And for a good article on neuroplasticity by Steven Morgan see here.

Note: sometimes I click on google videos and the volume needs to be turned up on the video—not the computer

9 thoughts on “More on neuroplasticity of the brain

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  1. Thanks, naturalgal and sara, for your comments on my mind training story. It means a lot to me to hear that my account has been helpful to others, and it’s great to have a blog like this where we can share our experiences together. Thank you, Gianna, for providing this forum.


  2. Sally’s story and her article describing it are amazing. I agree that it is so validating and really says something about how mania and psychosis can be tamed. I am so glad I have the opportunities to read and hear these stories. It honestly has changed my view of life itself.


  3. Gianna,

    Thank you for each of the articles you posted on Steven Morgan with Vermont Recovery. I would encourage any new reader to Gianna’s site to read these wonderful articles on this site.

    They are filled with references to research in this area of brain ‘neuroplasticity’.

    Unfortunately, many who have bought into the notion they have a ‘life-long chemical imbalance’ – without hope of recovery.

    I think this video does a lot to refute such claims, and offers hope to those who suffer – who seek a life of peace and happiness.

    Thanks for posting.




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