The Tiger Temple

Tiger Temple, or Wat Pha Luang Ta Bua, is a Buddhist temple in Western Thailand which keeps numerous animals, among them several tigers that walk around freely once a day and can be petted by visitors.

I loved these photos because when I was a kid I had a fantasy of having a wildcat that I could sleep next too. My little domestic cats were wonderful and soft, but I imagined it would be that much more wonderful to have them be as big as I was.

More photos and and a website on the temple here.

15 thoughts on “The Tiger Temple

  1. Gianna, I have decided, this is number one on my Bucket list.
    Once I get off Cymbalta and update my passport, i will cash in my 401 and go there.

    If Paul can spare you, please come too.


  2. I wanna go! I wanna go!

    There is a lovely quote I want to impart

    Fernand Mery
    “God made the cat in order that man might have the pleasure of caressing the tiger.”

    I wonder and would like to caress a tiger.. especially a white tiger.


  3. oh, Karemenina,
    that’s very disturbing….I didn’t go there..I just found these pictures and found them delightful so I shared them with my readers…

    I certainly hope they don’t drug the tigers…oh…this sort of thing is so sad…

    hopefully they are just well fed and happy….I don’t know…


  4. Hi Gianna,

    I just came back from the tiger temple and i was shocked how sleepy/unconsious the tigers where. I was thinking they were heavy druged. What was your feeling, where the tigers more alive when you was around?



  5. I wanna go…I hear Thailand is one of the safest places for women to travel! Let’s start saving our bucks. Maybe it can be a withdrawal and recovery congratulations present to ourselves! (I predict for me that will be 5 years down the line, and that’s probably how long it would take to save enough for a airline ticket to Thailand anyway!)


  6. I hope you get to do that one day Gianna, that would be too cool, esp. seeing as that was one of your childhood wishes. 🙂


  7. OK I’m ready to book a flight!!!
    but I am also reminded of a comedian who was joking about Siegfried & Roy: that the tigers had to have visualized ’em as “walking cheeseburgers”…
    No matter how well they were treated, eventually they had to give in to their urge for a cheeseburger!


  8. I don’t think petting and hanging around with this “cats” this is a smart idea.


  9. This is wonderful! thanks Gianna! when I was a teenager a friend had a baby lion cub and I got to hold it. Big cat! Tigers are beautiful aren’t they?


  10. Gianna, these photos are wonderful! The people look so unafraid, the cats so languid. Thank you.

    Another wonderful thing: I’m glad you’re back. Just getting going with my blog I look to your leadership. Interestingly, I just got a little taste of what you may have dealt with. I wrote a letter to the editor locally that people online generally received poorly. It wasn’t so much the outright dismissals that hurt; it was the sense of wasted effort when it seemed that my point was so little taken. A lot of their bickering back and forth about tangents was also distressing. I wondered, did I not speak in plain English, or what?

    Sue Westwind


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