I want to be young again sometimes---often lately. It hurts to feel I've missed out on so much. My psychiatrist says those of us who suffer much have a special role to play once we're healed. A purpose. She is like a spiritual mentor. Teacher more than doctor really. So--- I have a purpose, she... Continue Reading →

Can’t keep the info on generic Risperdal straight

I've been trying to follow when Risperdal will become generic. I've done two posts on the subject. First one on Risperdal going generic this month, which also includes my concerns about generics in general. And then one later on with new information I got saying it would not be generic this month. Pharmalot whose credibility... Continue Reading →

Back from trip

I took my four day road trip with my mom. I am exhausted. While meeting my doctor was truly wonderful and exciting, being with my mom 24 hours a day (literally) was an extremely difficult ordeal. I need to sort out all the emotional stuff that has surfaced over the last several days. As I've... Continue Reading →

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