Sure enough, it was toxicity

I’m well!

I cut down 1/2 mg of Klonopin and stopped feeling sick as a dog. That simple.

My doc thought it was toxicity but I was afraid it was withdrawal sickness instead which meant we waited longer than necessary to make the next taper. So I was sick and bedridden for four days for no good reason.

At least we learned to trust the muscle testing more—it was indicating I should come off more of the drugs. It’s a test of faith for both me and my doctor. You can google muscle testing for info on how it works. It’s also called “applied kinesiology.”  Quackwatch (an anti-natural, pro-pharma site) likes to blast it as a load of crap as it does all natural treatment. You’ll see that website right up there with the sites supporting muscle testing if you google it.

Yesterday I was so ill I literally could not get out of bed and while in bed I stared at the wall in a stupor I was so out of it. Also I had diarrhea, nausea and headache. Today all that is gone.

1/2 mg less of Klonopin last night and I slept the whole night through for the first time in about a week and I went out, got my hair cut and did major heavy duty home shopping today. I was even lifting a 50 lb bag of dog food around as well as 5 gallons of water, etc.

I’m not in the mood to write much but wanted to boast my success!

And yay! I’ve began my Klonopin withdrawal with a bang!

I put that off until last and I’m finally here!

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  1. Most excellent news Gianna, congratulations. A well deserved boast.

    I have had several inquires on my vids recently about getting off various med cocktails and I sent them all looking for your blog.

    and Stephany

    I received three levels of reiki initiation and it seems unfortunately reiki is just not as sophisticated as other forms of energy healing that came before it. They don’t teach you how to protect your body from losing energy, how not to absorb toxic energy and how to regenerate your body if you drain yourself or imbalance your own energy.

    Chi gung healing methods are thousands of years old, Reiki is brand new. Chi Gung tends to be far more thorough and teach you how to deal with energy draining patients.

    From what I’ve read, chi gung was used in clinics for cancer all over China before the Cultural Revo and the attack on the 4 Olds.

  2. I remember hearing a dear friend ask me once, “Klonopin?! WHY are you on that?! That’s one of the drugs they have ME on!?” She was dying of a brain tumor. I was battling my way out of a hell-on-earth-depression-pit…..or at least trying. On klonopin I wasn’t depressed…or maybe I was. I wouldn’t have known. It made me a walking zombie.

    “How can a society that exists on instant mashed potatoes, packaged cake mixes, frozen dinners, and instant cameras teach patience to its young?” – Paul Sweeney

    …by tapering off…..

    “Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.” – Lida Clarkson

    Gianna, you wrote: “I’m not in the mood to write much but wanted to boast my success!”
    Writing or not — SING, MY SISTER, SING! LET THAT HEALING…THAT ENERGY….THAT LOVE…THAT NEW LIFE RISING FROM WITHIN YOU CONTINUE TO BE! TO GROW! TO FLOW! Your WALK IS BEAUTY-FULL — ALL of it! The good & the not-so-feel-good, the pretty & the not-so-pretty. Yes, absolutely BE-YOU-tiFULL!

    REST…enJOY….and may you allow yourself the gift of savoring every single sweet “bite” whenever you can/however you want.
    Take care.

    “By endurance, we overcome.” – Earnest Shakleton

  3. Gianna – I’m impressed. I don’t quite understand the theory behind the muscle testing, but I’m so glad that it’s working for you. This is big stuff and will be a huge help to many folks in the future. Thanks for all your courage – and for sharing it with us!

  4. Congratulations on a step to a healthier life. When you feel good, it also becomes mental and the beauty of life becomes contagious! I am a strong believer that many medications are toxic to our bodies. Many doctors focus on treatment medicine, because that is where the money is at, but I, on the other hand, believe in the preventative medicine aspect. I am a Shaklee Independent Distributor and a Certified Health Educator and I trust my life on all the supplements I take. Everyone needs to take care of their own bodies. Everyone can make a small change to a healthier life. I know there are some illnesses that can’t be treated and cured with whole food supplements, but many can be avoided by our daily choices and supplementation.

  5. Great and wonderful news! This is reminding me of when I was under a severe stressful time one of my kids took me to get a massage. Because of the high stress level, the woman told me to drink a lot of water because toxins were going to flood my system. Sure enough I was sick, and couldn’t move for 2 weeks after that. I know a woman who had to quit doing Reiki on cancer patients, because the energy force would drain her of energy.

    I think this(your experience) is worthy of an abstract publication Gianna.

    Happy days the rest of the week! Now go plant something like a tree next, to set the roots down in your new home!

  6. Gianna,

    That is so exciting. Not that you were sick needlessly but that you are off to a great start on your taper!!! Wonderful that you were finally able to get out and do some things, also. Keep up the good work!!!!

  7. Susan,
    I think muscle testing has to be done by someone with a lot of integrity who is not subject to letting their personal bias effect the outcome of the test…

    so absolutely i think lots of people can have bad experiences with muscle testing…

    and I myself had experiences of it in the past that I was completely unimpressed with and I thought it was a crock too…this doctor has made me a believer.

    she knew it was toxicity by muscle testing by the way, to answer your first question…

  8. Gianna,
    Once again, you’re on your way! Congrats with the Klonopin. When you have a moment, I’d like to understand how your doctor knew it was toxicity.

    I’ve done muscle testing with a holistic psychiatrist in Los Angeles–and I did think it was a “crock.” Nothing she prescribed worked. I spent $400 for the first meeting with her, and $158 on a ton of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids and I felt worse and worse. So I returned to my psychiatrist, took the Adderall, and felt better within a day.

    Still, I’m delighted all of this is working for you, and couldn’t feel happier for your success.


  9. Good for you Gianna!

    I’ve been there too, and it’s a difficult call:

    Are the drugs directly making me ill (and should I quit ASAP?) or am I suffering from withdrawal symptoms (and should I therefore slow down the tapering)? So glad it was the former for you!

    Tim Bolen’s site, has some interesting information on the quackwatch disinformation campaign. Bolen discounts the site owner as simply a front man, and instead follows the money..

  10. Pretty cool, huh Deborah,
    I admit to being fearful about sleeping well tonight…it’s so ingrained to expect the worse from a benzo taper!

    But, whatever, the future will be what it will be…there will certainly be more ups and downs before I’m through…the amazing part is I can see the end of the tunnel!!

  11. Sara,
    bottom line it’s the energy work…she doesn’t think what I’m doing is possible without it…

    and it doesn’t seem to be in my experience either…all the old stuff holds true for most people still…without the energy work the body doesn’t get toxic like what is happening to me…

    she does do mentorships…I think we need people to learn from her…

    I’m hoping someday I can study with her…maybe anyway…I really don’t know what I want to do…I can’t exactly help people to withdraw legally when I can write a prescription…

    Docs need to learn this stuff!!

  12. You know, that is just amazing. My jaw just drops to be honest. This is darn original stuff about withdrawal. I await further progress with interest and kudos to your doctor. She should get a Nobel or something. I’m not kidding.

  13. FYI, I just recommended a girl here in Brazil to check out your site. She wants to come off anti-depressants and a few other things, and has consulted with a few doctors. More than anything, I wanted her to learn from your experience. Your pain, your strength, your bravery and maybe, most of all, your caution as you proceed….

    So the next time you get one of those hate mails…remember that there are a whole lot of others drawing inspiration from you.

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