Kitty Break

Susan this is for you:

My cat used to sound just like this when she was young and wanted to kill a bird out of her reach….like outside a window…

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  1. The cat is the spitting image of Holly, minus the collar.

    And she mews like that when she spies birdies from the bird feeders I have set up for her entertainment while I was away.

    is this one of your girls, Gianna?

    Thank you for the cat fix, oh great cat lady.



  2. Sherry

    Susan sent this to me. When I played it my new four-month old Sheltie puppy got allover excited. His mother (aged 6, also a newbie here at the Quacker Factory) looked amazed.

    Between the cat and the dogs’ reaction to the cat I almost fell off my bed laughing. Thank you. I can’t believe that cat was really making that noise. I’d swear it was fake except for the two people laughing in the background. Gotta love that You Tube.

    Gianna? Is that you? Nice to see you.
    Sherry (from FS)


  3. Sherry

    That woke these two new dogs up from a sound sleep. They’re going to be packing their little doggie bags and demanding to return to Maine if I keep this up.


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