Mud mask

One of my closest friend’s invited herself over today in response to knowing I’ve been bedbound. She said she would come and “minister” to me. And we had fun!! Well, I did anyway. She washed and massaged my face then applied a mask then a series of other facial things. All very relaxing. While my mask dried she massaged my hands.

Beautiful friend. Perfect activity.

I have a couple of other friends lined up to visit now too though I certainly don’t expect this sort of royal treatment in general—that would be a scary reality! I’m happy for simple company and chatting. If I can’t go out into the world, then, by gosh, I’m bringing it to my home!! I refuse to languish in bed alone…I’ll languish with my friends!

I’m exhausted. Social stimulation is even hard for me. I’m really hoping I don’t crash. Right now I’m happy.

11 thoughts on “Mud mask

  1. It is good to see a photo of you and your pets, even though you are behind a mask. Enjoy your time in bed if you can. It was a very good idea for your friend to call and give you a facial – a lovely idea. Recently I went to a colour me beautiful therapist. It was for me, a lovely pampering time and a very good time for me to learn about the different colours that look very good on me. Also she discussed clothes styles and make up. Keep up your energy and credit yourself for where you are.


  2. aww…it was nice, but heaven it is not…

    today Obama spoke about 2 miles from my house. I missed it because I couldn’t go out and stand in line…

    that would have been heaven…

    I think that was the hardest thing I’ve not been able to do since this all began…

    I did see Michelle when she came during the primaries…


  3. Annie,
    Welcome back! I hope you are well and happy in your new digs and job…

    anyway me:
    I’ve been bedbound off and on for about a year…but it’s getting worse and I never used to talk about it much…it’s hard to talk about without sounding sorry for myself…because frankly I often do feel sorry for myself.

    so I generally talk about my successes and other things rather than the real funk of my day to day existence.

    I can get out for about an hour at a time if I’m not driving and I go sit in a restaurant…but that usually wastes me really bad…but I do it just to get out…

    and I used to have good days in which I had normal energy and could get out on my own…but it’s been a couple of weeks now since I had a day like that so I’m getting scared.


  4. Gianna, I have been out of touch for a month so I am not sure why you are on bed rest. Hope you are doing Ok by now! I love critters and enjoyed the pictures. Peace Annie


  5. Looks like you had fun. How nice to have friends like that.
    I have a friend who has promismed me a pedicure. But it hasn’t happened because we can’t get our schedules together.

    Gianna, You are really getting brave by showing up photos of yourself and your life.

    You are very pretty.


  6. the dog is indeed a licker, but oddly enough she was not interested in the mud…or maybe she is just smart enough to realize it would be like licking the ground in the backyard…

    and susan,
    the mud was French! ooh la la! basically just clay…I’m sure it doesn’t matter a bit where it came from. It started tickling when it started drying…my face felt great after she was all done, but she did all sorts of other stuff to it too…


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