Interesting recovery story

Left in a comment yesterday by the author of the blog it comes from:

Resveratrol and Mood Disorders

Read his words of caution at the end of his post seriously and read this post too if you’re interested in the supplement he uses because most people labeled bipolar, in my opinion, are hypoglycemic and if his anecdotal evidence is reliable then there is good reason for most people to be cautious with his wonder supplement.

I’ve read about resveratrol before but really know nothing about it, but I post recovery stories as I find them. I will be reading more of his blog in the future.

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  1. hi David…

    it’s simply experience in alternative care for mental health groups…those of us who choose to live med free find we need to control our blood sugar levels very carefully and eat every couple of hours..

    it’s purely anecdotal observations….but tons of them…

    oh…well…that’s not entirely true…if you read someone like Joan Larson “Depression Free Naturally” I’m sure it’s mentioned in there too. Also orthomolecular psychiatrists test for hypoglycemia routinely.

    Lastly, I’m quite sure you can google “hypoglycemia bipolar” and find all sorts of stuff…

  2. Hi – fascinating blog. You say “most people labeled bipolar, in my opinion, are hypoglycemic” – that interests me – on what do you base your opinion? (I speak as someone diagnosed bipolar and who has had occasional fainting pangs from low blood sugar over the years). Looking forward to reading more of your blog. D

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