The most famous kitty on the net

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  1. My dream is to have two baby litter mates…but hubby is not on board just yet…we have two senior kitties who require quite a bit of care plus and over-active dog already….

    but I love kittens sooo much and want their energy in my life…

  2. For reasons unbeknownst to us, my husband and I were chosen by two kittens recently. Two weeks down the road, they’ve added much joy and laughter to our lives and we’re grateful to have been picked. Love the Sparta video. Thanks for the chuckle.

  3. ha! you made me giggle dear Roman,

    the boy is taken! he talks about his fiancee all the time…

    but yeah he’s a cutie too!!

    I’ve got another brilliantly funny cat video lined up for in a week or so…can’t do overkill on the cat stuff….we love it but not everyone does!!

  4. Gianna, you are right.

    And all (should i dare say that) of your readers who have cats know THEIR kitty is the most talented, smartest, and wonderful.

    Sparta is good kitty not a mean kitty. I actually subscribe to his You Tube Channel. He is a big kitty now, no more kitten, and has a cat brother named Loki.

    I am partial to Sparta because he looks like a kitten version of my fur ball.

    And I love the cat in your avatar, because it reminds me of my former fur baby, now at the Rainbow Bridge.


    Santa, I need a video camera. My girl looks like a grown up Sparta, and I want the world to see her in all her cat glory.

    But then, every person who has ever been owned by a cat, thinks they have the best cat ever made.

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