Christmas doggy bone

Can’t embed this video but it’s a cute one!! Doggy gave itself a Christmas gift.

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  1. no…no one got any presents in this house…save the flowers…

    oh we got a couple of things via mail…a cookbook and a calendar…

    we really don’t do christmas alone, save the meal…gotta have a christmas meal…

    the lamb is in the oven with lots of help from Daniel…I am not functioning so good…but we are managing to have a full meal…just not ready yet and it’s already after 7 pm…I’m HUNGRY

  2. Go Dog Go!

    If I was the manager, i would have just taken the two or three dollars out of my own pocket for doggie.

    And yes, this cat purrson does love dogs.

    Did Pippin get something nice like said bone?

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