Tilting at Windmills story of drug withdrawal and recovery

TAW wrote a recovery story for this blog once. Here it is. She wrote that before she started her own blog Tilting at Windmills.

The last few days she has reiterated her success story on her blog in two new compelling posts.

The first: How I got off psychiatric medications and the second Bipolar “Off-Meds” Success.

This amounts to important documentation of a phenomena that I know is much more common than psychiatry and it’s proponents are aware of. TAW is right most of us who escape from the clutches of psychiatry and unnecessary medicating just fade away into the woodwork…living our lives in peace.

I will include these links on my recovery page along with her original story for future reference.

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  1. Thanks for drawing attention to these very important links. I wish more doctors would read narratives like this — they are so important. I plan to send them on to others. Being exposed to this circle of victims and survivors through blogs has been life changing for me and very uplifting in its way, giving me hope for the human spirit, despite the tragedy that underlies it all.

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