Trauma victims highlighted in the Boston Globe

A lesson about ALL mental illness is contained in this golden nugget found in the Boston Globe, but of course that connection is not made in this article. Read this amazing excerpt from the piece: Trauma care For over 25 years, Harvard psychiatrists have helped and studied victims of many of the world's most devastating... Continue Reading →

Wealthy people suffering delusions of poverty

This is for real according to the New York Times today. As the economy dips precariously, people who still have a lot of means are freaking out. Again another piece that will hopefully spark discussion. What do you all think about this? I don't want to minimize anyone's suffering, but what does this say about our grossly materialistic insanely disproportionate wealth in this country?? And the people who seem to measure their sense of self only from what they own and their social status??

How Mother Found Her Helper: The story of America’s long infatuation with anti-anxiety drugs.

Interesting little history of how benzos became a hit in this nation in Newsweek from last week. It's really not a great article as far as I can tell but interesting nonetheless. It's an interview with Andrea Tone who wrote a book called The Age of Anxiety, which I don't think I agree with the... Continue Reading →

Initial Treatment With Placebo Not Harmful to Teens

From Medscape: Initial Treatment With Placebo Not Harmful to Teens Participating in Antidepressant Trials, Study Suggests January 30, 2009 — Initial treatment with placebo in teens participating in antidepressant trials is not harmful, and in fact, adolescents who receive placebo prior to active treatment fare as well as those who receive immediate active treatment, a... Continue Reading →

The most shocking thing about this video

Is that I realized I employ to the best of my ability the philosophy espoused in these quotes. Not to perfection. No, not by a long shot. But in my intentions this is how I choose to live. And that made me feel profoundly grateful. In this moment. Now. I am happy. That I am... Continue Reading →

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