Must read—antidepressants vs. placebo in children

Philip Dawdy on Furious Seasons does an analysis on this study from The American Journal of Psychiatry which shows a majorly huge placebo success rate with SSRIs suggesting most kids don't respond to antidepressants. The placebo response rate is 49% and Philip wisely surmises: That placebo response rate is huge, and should really give any... Continue Reading →

Total health and well-being

Diet and nutrition has corrected multiple problems for me. A short list of the things that come to mind immediately is: Twenty years of severe irritable bowel syndrome. (I went to dozens of gastroenterologists before discovering my own wellness through my own research) Psoriasis, a horrible skin condition, is virtually gone. My knees which were... Continue Reading →

Checking in—been out of commission

I've been out of commission the last 48 hours or so. I may be coming around again since I'm actually writing this, but the blog has had to be neglected. I may or may not be back at it in the next couple of days. I do have a wonderful article written by a friend... Continue Reading →

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