Does my butt look fat?

I'm a regular reader of Shapely Prose, a fat acceptance blog created by Kate Harding who has an article in Salon today. I link to this today just because her piece in Salon is so exactly my experience. Granted I gained weight because of psychotropics but otherwise every word she is saying I could be... Continue Reading →

Correnspondence that sheds some light on where I’m at

Dear Dr. So and So , I was given your email address by your receptionist so that I can make a preliminary inquiry before arranging a possible consultation. At this point I am homebound and want some confidence that you would be able to help me before I ask my husband to help me come... Continue Reading →

To the person who promised me a donation

Most people may not know there is a donation button on my side-bar. I've never mentioned it. I don't expect donations though they are nice. I work my ass off here. The thing is the other day someone promised me a donation. I actually called this person while they were seeking information desperately and spent... Continue Reading →

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