Reclaiming your power

I found this article at justAna's blog. It's written by Pat Deegan and awesome fully recovered woman who had a history of symptoms that got her labeled schizophrenic. She no longer takes medication (or does so very rarely---I've heard both and I'm not sure which it is at this point---she does talk about taking meds... Continue Reading →

Drug-Free Prevention Of Postnatal Depression

From Medical News Today: A heart-to-heart chat with a peer has proven an effective way to prevent postnatal depression in high risk women, cutting the risk of depression by 50%, according to a University of Toronto nursing study published in BMJ Online. (continue here) What a novel idea. Talking to and supporting people in distress... Continue Reading →

Possible break

In November and December I started a trend that feels like it's come to an end. I started posting several times a day even as I began to get sicker and sicker. I think it was a way to feel in control. In any case I had lots of stored up posts. And now they... Continue Reading →

Yummy sounding recipe and fun video…

You gotta watch the whole thing for the surprise. (cute animal involved) So even if you're not into the it!! And I do intend to make this soup as I love parsnips! I use whole rye flour in recipes that call for flour. If you tolerate wheat, whole wheat flour works too.

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