Ho hum…old news being made to seem new…Ritalin and other stimulants can cause psychosis/hallucinations in children

Andy alerted me to this article in the LA Times of which the subject matter is being reported all over the news media. Unfortunately even if it is old news most people still don't know it. So it's good to reiterate. These drugs are bad for kids!!  There are a great many other problems besides... Continue Reading →

Children younger than 4 being electroshocked in Australia

I have no commentary for this atrocity: CHILDREN younger than four who are considered mentally disturbed are being treated with controversial electric shock treatment. Medicare figures show the use of Electroconvulsive Therapy has tripled in Victoria in the private health sector alone in six years. A VicHealth report confirms more than 18,000 treatments were conducted... Continue Reading →

Peter Stastny Dissident Psychiatrist on Madness Radio

Psychiatrist Peter Stastny talks about his decades-long work as an anti-psychiatrist psychiatrist, problems with the hospital system and medications, and the international movement to create alternatives. Peter is one of the main organizers of INTAR, the International Network of Treatment Alternatives for Recovery. Listen to this and cry but also be happy that there are... Continue Reading →

Valium crossover insanity

Okay, I think I finally have the peace of mind to be able to write a bit about what is happening with me. I'm not really sure how clear I can be because I'm sort of in the thick of it but I'm having a bit of a reprieve. I need to take this moment... Continue Reading →

Satire and silliness

This is an unusual piece for this blog. Andy from Mental Dimensions has submitted this piece as a guest blogger.  I, frankly, loved it. But I warn you some may find the humor a bit dark. It is irreverent and may offend some. So this is a possible trigger warning. Don't be Paranoid of Risky... Continue Reading →

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