In response to the Mother’s Act Legislation—a piece of satire

From one of my email groups with permission I'm reprinting: I was so pleased to see Congress begin to do something effective about the human condition. This is what I hope is the first step towards creating an intrauterine IV that can start newborn fetuses on anti-depressants after their first trimester. If we then equip... Continue Reading →

More ACTION Required for Ray Sandford—victim of forced ECT

Thanks D. Bunker: not sure why I didn't get this in email. I usually do. Mind Freedom has: Web of Link$ Around Ray Sandford: Survivor of Electroconvulsive Therapy - MFI Portal by David W. Oaks — last modified 2009-04-09 21:28 Here is a list of more than two dozen agencies and individuals involved in the... Continue Reading →

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