A child is murdered — psychotropic drugs used instead of care part of the dark story

Here we see Fred Grimm call a spade a spade in the Miami Herald: Calling the death of Gabriel Myers a ''suicide'' lets his killers off the hook. The 7-year-old was propelled by a vast conspiracy of abuse and neglect and malpractice. The boy only finished the job on April 15, when he locked himself... Continue Reading →

Pat Risser’s recovery story

In memory... Pat Risser has extensive experience as a trainer, facilitator, presenter, author and consultant. He has been a human rights activist and mental health advocate for over twenty-five years. His lived experience includes working as an Intensive Case Manager, work as a therapist on a locked, acute inpatient unit, over ten years as a "mental patient," developing self-help groups, building and directing a statewide consumer network and directing a patients' rights/advocacy/self-help program. His special expertise is training on trauma issues, recovery, self-determination and on employing consumers as part of the mental health workforce.

Spring is here!

This is our first spring in this house with this lovely yard we have. These are all photos that I took in about the 5 minutes I could remain standing outside my house. (at least I am up today!! it's been a string of days of being totally bedridden)

Quote of the day

Say "Yes!" Simply meet each experience of life inside and out, body, feelings and mind, with all the love and acceptance you can muster. - Cheri Huber

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