Hotel for the mentalists

Part 1 and 2 here and part 3 here. Part 4 here. These were originally posted here. This is Keener's amazing story. I hope you will all start picking it up. There are several more installments some of which she is writing just for this blog in order to finish her story. She is completely... Continue Reading →

One more reason to not take SSRIs

If you've had breast cancer and take tamoxifen the SSRIs (I would also check into the SNRIs because they are related) will stop the effectiveness of tamoxifen. Some antidepressants may risk breast cancer return Doctors have long known that some antidepressants and other medicines can lower the amount of tamoxifen's active form in the bloodstream.... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

What you leave behind is not what is engraved in stone monuments, but what is woven into the lives of others. - Pericles

Improve mental health with neurofeedback

My drug withdrawal journey started when I began neurofeedback which helped tremendously for 3 years. For whatever reason my situation became to complicated and I needed to seek other help, but I know what neurofeedback did for me initially was nothing short of a miracle. I got off an antidepressant in 5 weeks and continued... Continue Reading →

New Tool To Improve Patient Understanding Of Long-Acting Injectable Antipsychotic Therapies

How about "New Tool to Manipulate and Coerce People to Take Meds Against Their Will??" I have no problem calling this bullshit. But if someone wants to take a drug? Who the hell are we to question that?? From Medical News Today: A new instrument for improving patient understanding and acceptance of long-acting injectable antipsychotic... Continue Reading →

Final reminder

I will be in the car again all day today. Comments will be released late tonight. There will be one more scheduled post around 2 pm.

Reminder to not judge others…

I've posted this song before. I love it and I think we all have to remember we don't know virtually anything about most of the people we routinely come to conclusions about. Everlast -- What it's like

Having been victim to people’s gross and negligent dogma (both pro and anti-pharma)

For people being directed here from ONE of the groups I mention below---this topic was going on in more than one group and the resulting responses were to no one person in particular nor any group in particular the fact that this was going on in more than one group and the other emails aren't... Continue Reading →

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