Blah, blah, blah, yeah probiotics rule…but why is this such shocking news

Probiotics improve gut health. Improved gut health improves nutrient absorption. Improved nutrient absorption heals all sorts of mental and physical illness. Get a clue mainstream western medicine. This has not been a secret among those who really understand how the body works for at least a decade if not more. For some of my multiple... Continue Reading →

Mothers Act Fuels Multibillion Dollar Industry—Big Pharma’s open door

I recently posted Bruce Levine's article dealing with the mother's act and mental health screening in general and the dangers it poses. Here is an article by another fabulous critic and journalist who is quite prolific on the topic, Evelyn Pringle. We need to save a whole generation of kids out there. Write and call... Continue Reading →

Our flexible friend– OUR BRAIN!!

One of my favorite topics is  the neuroplasticity of the brain. Below is an article from the Guardian that further adds credence to the ideas that have been shaping up lately. Here is a list of posts that deal in some way with neuroplasticity on this blog. So from today's Gaurdian: There is growing evidence... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day — suffering

Suffering is the sandpaper of our life. It does its work of shaping us. Suffering is part of our training program for becoming wise. --Ram Dass One of my favorite movie of all times is Fierce Grace which documents Ram Dass's recovery from a stroke that nearly killed him. It's a beautiful awe-inspriing film. I... Continue Reading →

Enzymes and digestion

This is a rather strange and sometimes creepy video (at least the graphics are). It's a very good little primer to enzymes and how important they are, however. The information is accurate. Even though it's also a commercial. I do not take the product they are selling but I do take a variety of different... Continue Reading →

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