ALERT: IQ low in toddlers whose mothers took valproate (Depakote)

Depakote is a so-called mood-stabilizer that is routinely prescribed to people who are labeled with mood disorders. From Reuters: Children born to women who took the epilepsy drug valproate while pregnant had lower IQs at least up to age 3 than the children of women who took rival epilepsy drugs, researchers reported on Wednesday. The... Continue Reading →

Why More Equal Societies Almost Always Do Better

A book review from The Times Online. This is something we as Americans really need to think about. I've known about this sort of stuff for decades but most Americans are simply convinced our way of life is the best and frankly that's a crock of crap. The Spirit Level: Why More Equal Societies Almost... Continue Reading →

Happy Birthday dear dear brother (in memorium)

My brother died a year and a half ago due to complications related to the treatment of his cancer. I left this comment (edited) on another blog the other day: My brother died of cancer almost a year and a half ago. I associate Easter with him as well because his birthday is on April... Continue Reading →

More proof of psychiatry’s corruption

Nothing new for most of us who read this blog, but maybe it will catch the eye of someone who's not heard of this crap before. From Kaiser Daily Health Policy Report Most of the psychiatrists on the American Psychiatric Association panels who wrote the newest clinical guidelines for how to treat depression, bipolar disorder... Continue Reading →

Quote of the day

The indestructible is one thing; at one and the same time it is each individual and it is something common to all; hence the uniquely indissoluble connection among all mankind. - Franz Kafka

Darby Penney’s work for the human rights of the psychiatrically labeled

Yesterday when I wrote about my frustrations with the liberal or progressive movements in this country Darby Penney responded to that post with this comment (slightly edited): Gianna, thanks for raising this issue. I was active in progressive politics long before I became an activist on human rights issues for people with psychiatric histories, and... Continue Reading →

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