A child is murdered — psychotropic drugs used instead of care part of the dark story

Here we see Fred Grimm call a spade a spade in the Miami Herald:

Calling the death of Gabriel Myers a ”suicide” lets his killers off the hook.

The 7-year-old was propelled by a vast conspiracy of abuse and neglect and malpractice. The boy only finished the job on April 15, when he locked himself in the bathroom of his Margate foster home and coiled a shower hose around his neck.
We know that his mother, currently in jail in Ohio, her parental rights severed by the courts, seemed to be preoccupied with other matters, including drugs.


And we know that something awful in his short, sad life had triggered an alarming pathology of aggressive sexual behaviors. This stuff doesn’t occur spontaneously. Someone, reportedly an older child, inflicted this kind of learned behavior on a small child. Gabriel was abused.

”Kids act out like this because someone hurt them,” said Andrea Moore, the longtime child advocate in Broward County and director of Florida’s Children First. “And they are trying to tell us they’re hurt.”

Gabriel was a child of obvious and urgent needs. He needed help, attention and therapy. What he got was Lexapro, Zyprexa and Symbyax (a combination of Zyprexa and Prozac). None of the three powerful psychotropic drugs doled out to Gabriel while he was a foster child was approved for children. All three drugs were known to raise the risk of ”suicidal tendencies” in children. And Moore points out that none of these anti-psychotic and anti-depressant drugs had a damn thing to do with repairing Gabriel’s underlying problems. “Give me a break. There is no drug that cures the pain of childhood sexual abuse.” (read the rest here)

(emphasis mine—if only we realized how often this is the case for the majority of “mental illness”)

16 thoughts on “A child is murdered — psychotropic drugs used instead of care part of the dark story

  1. Wow, I have been in 4 foster homes but I landed at a hippie boarding school in the mtns. of Va. and was surrounded by LOVE LOVE LOVE. I feel so lucky. (but not about the drugs I am trying to get off of) Bless that poor baby’s precious soul!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. I didn’t mince words with my call for fair trials for the top execs wiht NAMI and Pharma….

    The problem is that they have good attorneys….
    They break the spirit of the law each and every day….

    Breaking the letter of the law is something they keep on top of….changing laws to suit their agendas….

    Any forcing of someone on a drug against their will is breaking the letter of the law – the letter of the highest law….the Constitution….unless someone poses an iminent threat, and has a fair trial with a jury (if they so choose)…..

    NAMI helps fund the TAC.
    NAMI is breaking the letter of the highest law.

    I say the same things….again, and again….
    “Like a broken record”, we used to say when I was a kid….

    Oh well,
    Maybe one day someone else will hear, and maybe one day we’ll all finally understand the level of the CRIME that has taken place.



  3. Another thing…

    In Texas, we have a statute….

    No organization can testify before a House or Senate committee that is funded by the state….

    NAMI/Texas recieves state money….
    NAMI has testified 15 times this legislative session….

    I suppose they may try to say that they are not “entirely funded” by the state….or find some other legal loophole to jump through….

    I know one thing, when it comes to making sure kids in foster care, on Medicaid, or in juvie are “treated” with drugs…NAMI Texas is right there to make damned sure they get all the mind-altering drugs they “need”…..

    I’m tired of law-breakers….really, really tired of law-breakers….
    With all their loopholes, and their getting to the law-makers, so they can keep breakin the spirit of the law!!!!!!!!!!



  4. you might be surprised

    these folks like to poke their heads into all kinds of things
    can’t manage their own lives, so they try to manage the lives of others

    a lot of that going around….

    like that song from the 1970s, ‘Sunshine’

    How much does it cost?
    I’ll buy it
    The time is all we’ve lost
    I’ll try it

    He can’t even run his own life
    I’ll be damned if he’ll run mine

    It outta be the NAMI theme song!!!!!!!!!!!



  5. Duane,
    I hate to tell you this, but I don’t think I have any NAMI readers…a couple stopped by for the post on NAMI…otherwise I’m not aware of any…I suppose there may be a few who don’t comment, but chances are no NAMI member is reading your comment.

    that said…I appreciate you passion.


  6. “jail”, “federal prison”….you get the point

    actually, maybe a state AG will go after him, and put him in a state penitentary…..it’s a little tougher there than the fed prisons….not the “picnic” of federal lawbreakers….

    State AG, U.S. AG….
    It makes no difference to me

    As long as he gets loced up.
    As long as our kids are protected.



  7. Clarification to all NAMI readers:

    I am not implying for one minute that every NAMI parent is a “bad parent”…..nor assuming that there is abuse in your family.

    What I am saying is the dues you pay to NAMI helps with the following:

    1) Perpetuating a myth – an absolute myth of “biological, chemical imbalance, lifelong illness” – It is not based on science. It is based on myth.

    2) Fighting black box warnings on these drugs….Something NAMI does quite well – So that nobody knows the dangers of these drugs.

    3) Lobbying Capitol Hill for “off label” use of drugs for children – drugs that have not been proven “safe and effective” for kids….According to Dr. Mercola, 94% of these psych drugs pose a risk to children….I would venture to say it is 100%, but I’m not a doctor, he is….And, 94% outta send a red-flag out to any parent….Would you let your kid get on an airplane if it had a 94% chance of crashing….DO THE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4) Lobbying state legislatures: to make sure that Medicaid, foster care, and juvenile justice departments have plenty of drugs for the kiddos – off the chart drugging of these kids…..Off the damned charts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    4) Working with TAC to FORCE people to take these mind-altering, brain-damaging, body-injuring, spirit-numbing “medications”….Hell, with “medications” like psych drugs, who the hell needs “illness”????

    NAMI is not a good organization.
    The top management with NAMI need to be given some fair trials.
    They then need to be fitted with orange jumpsuits; shackles placed on their ankles and wrists….and tossed into federal prison.

    Think this will never happen?
    Think again.

    Also, feel free to print this comment down.
    Give it to Michael Fitzpatrick, Executive Director with NAMI.
    Explain to him that Duane Sherry in Dallas, Texas will not leave this earth until he goes to federal prison.

    Tell him to sue me if he has a problem with my tone, my rhetoric, my free speech. NAMI is, afterall, a political organization…..persuading, coercing, and forcing people (in collaboration with the TAC) to take psychiatric drugs – drugs that injure and kill…..

    Political speech is protected under the Constitution.
    Does this give me the right to call Mr. Fitzpatrick a law-breaker?

    If he’s breaking the law, it does.
    He sells the very drugs that Big Pharma has been criminally convicted of falsley advertising.

    He is a law breaker, and he need to go to jail.
    And, he needs to go to federal prison.
    And, he will go to federal prison before my life is over.



  8. That’s right NAMI folks….

    Wake-up call:

    These drugs don’t work.
    Let me repeat that with feeling:

    These drugs don’t work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  9. Gianna,

    This story should be a wake-up call to real healers….
    Why is it that psychologists, counselors, therapists are so blind?
    Psychiatry – the MD’s sold out long ago….

    But, what about those who counsel, comfort, console?
    Where are they?
    They should be having press conferences about this crap.
    Demanding that we stop “medicating” these kids….and start helping them!

    I don’t see them.
    I don’t hear them.
    Where the hell are they?

    These are not someone elses’s kids….These are OUR KIDS!!!!!!!!!!!
    They deserve our love, and our protection – from these monsters who drug their brains into obvlion, and call it “treatment”….

    Any NAMI folks offended?
    So be it.
    I’ve had enough!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  10. “He needed help, attention and therapy.”

    Unfortunately, a lot of therapists are just as blind to clients – especially children – showing clear signs of being abused, as the rest of society is. So, the child gets pathologized, “treated” with behavior modification “therapy”, all the while the abuse continues, actually gets doubled up by the additional abuse the pathologizing and this kind of “therapy” represent.

    Just a thought. “Inspired” by a Norwegian blog neighbour of mine, who is unable to find a therapist, who would be willing to work through her trauma, caused by being mistreated and emotionally and sexually abused during most of her childhood, with her.


  11. This is tragic beyond words. I agree, from experience, that childhood sexual abuse is a profound factor in so called ‘mental illness.’


  12. How can our most vulnerable section of society be let down like this? It’s scandalous.


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