More interspecies love

This has become a minor topic for fun on this blog:

Very short cute video

4 thoughts on “More interspecies love

  1. MAZEL TOV on the baby kitties! Way to go Paul!

    People at animal shelters or your vet can help you introduce the baby cats to the big girl cats – and Pippin, too.


    1.’s not decided…my old gals get priority…

      I just wrote a note to a friend and reader who is a veterinarian…I don’t like our vet…so don’t want to talk to them. My blogger pal is wonderful!


    1. susan,
      paul has given me the green light to get two kittens!! the thing is I need to do some research and figure out if it will be too distressing on my two old girls…they need a lot of attention as they are both becoming frail…Kali is glued to me almost 24/7.

      I don’t want to distress them, but if it won’t distress them, I think kitten energy could be VERY good for me. What better to make you feel like living than the effervescent energy of two baby cats…

      I’m thinking if they have each other to keep them company maybe that would give me enough time with my old ladies?? I don’t know..gotta find a good animal behaviorist to consult.


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