My most extended tweet ramble ever…

I like tweeting since I’m too sick to do real writing these days. Tweeting allows for low intensity communication and writing when I’m well enough to roll over and look at my laptop. It’s been a life safer on many days of this protracted illness. I thought I’d share todays twitter stream as I was on an unusual roll. I don’t generally connect more than one or two tweets. Today I wrote the equivalent of a small post.

RTing a couple of my own tweets because benzos truly destroy lives & most people have no idea. I’ve seen the destruction up close & personal

withdrawal&recovery from this class of drugs alone can take yrs.All psych drugs have potential of stealing health.must have INFORMED choice

it’s a crime that people who would do well with non-medical interventions are not told the truth. They end up much much worse. This is crime

Valium prescriptions soar during recession all BENZOS are highly addictive and can ruin lives

“All docs r doing is creating higher addiction levels. Consequences are dire-people have lives ruined by these drugs.”

Stories of recovery that involve freedom from drugs/medications. Most of these ppl were told they would never recover

Healing naturally without neurotoxins is very possible and yet most people never get to discover that it’s an option

so we instead create more and more sick people as documented in Robert Whitakers book Astonishing rise of mental illness

the rise of disability includes all sorts of serious physical disability caused by the neurotoxins as well

okay…I’m going on here today, but sometimes the fact that there are so few of us who sees that this is happening makes me want to cry

instead I must simply let others know for the day that they might recognize it happening. the seed will have been planted. Peace to you all

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