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  • Changing Our Minds – depression & dysthymia: current knowledge, truth about drugs, healthy minds Living Life Films presents “Changing Our Minds.” A documentary film containing cutting edge information concerning depression & dysthymia, antidepressant medication, cognitive behavioral talk therapy, and alternative, natural cures for depression. Interviews with leading spiritual, medical, and mental health professionals; tempered with personal stories of struggle. Amidst the confusing din of the medical industry and the marketing campaigns of pharmaceutical companies, we search for the truth about depression & dysthymia and a path to better emotional health.
  • Technology: Stop Calling it an Addiction — Utne
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  • Going Mad The American Way | PRI’s The World: Science (Audio) Our guest in the Science Forum is journalist Ethan Watters. His latest book is Crazy Like Us: The Globalization of the American Psyche. “America is homogenizing the way the world goes mad,” Watters writes. He contends that Americans are exporting their view of mental illness to the rest of the world.

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