Tuesday news and blogs

Another day of reading:

  • PharmaTimes | Prescription drug use among US children “soaring” More than one in four insured children and nearly 30% of 10-19-year-olds were taking at least one prescription medication to treat a chronic condition in 2009, and the biggest increases were seen in the use of antipsychotics, diabetes and asthma treatments, according to the 2010 Drug Trend Report published by pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) Medco.
  • Families’ Every Fuss, Archived and Analyzed Anthropological study of American families today — NYT —  At a conference here this month, more than 70 social scientists gathered to bring to a close one of the most unusual, and oddly voyeuristic, anthropological studies ever conceived. From 2002 to 2005, before reality TV ruled the earth, researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, laboriously recruited 32 local families, videotaping nearly every waking, at-home moment during a week — including the Jacket Standoff.

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