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  • Bone marrow transplants cure mental illness – in mice — Guardian UK — This is interesting to me…not because I think we should be giving people in mental distress bone marrow transplants, they are dangerous and life-threatening, but because the immune system is something that can be boosted in natural ways and it seems possible that there is a link with immune system and mental health in my experience. This is my casting a wide net as well. I do not believe and never have believed that all mental distress has the same etiology. Also, as far as I can tell, most often one must be holistic in the treatment of mental health. It’s rarely just one thing that mends.
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  • Shame, shame, New York Times — Truly Noodled — Important commentary on a piece in the New York Times on the drugging of children. It’s also covered by Whitaker yesterday here.
  • FDA Issues Warning About PPIs — This is a nasty and generally unnecessary class of drug that most Americans think is harmless when that is far from the truth. I’ve linked to the Healthy Skeptic before. He offers an alternative to many of the lies pharma tries to teach us. Most GERD and stomach acid problems can be healed through diet and lifestyle. This is a collection of links on how to do that. This now is from about the FDA warning: The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a statement warning physicians and patients of an elevated risk in fractures of the the hip, spine and wrist after taking a popular class of drug prescribed to reduce acid reflux and symptoms of GERD (Reuters). These medications are also used to treat peptic ulcers, and even H. pylori. The class of drugs, which are called proton pump inhibitors, have been known to increase fracture risk in higher doses for over a year. While the agency has not issued a recall, they have stated that packaging of the drug will include a warning about fractures from now on.

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