Meditation for overcoming trauma/mental distress of all kinds

Seaneen Molloy of The Secret Life of a Manic Depressive is trying new things. One need not be Buddhist to practice meditation!! And to benefit from it’s healing effects! Here is an excerpt from Seaneen’s article from BBC Ouch!

With my feet firmly in the 21st century, I see Buddhism as something belonging to the past – irrelevant to the modern world, except perhaps to the most laid-back of hippies. As for meditation, I can’t even imagine assuming the lotus position, and humming, “Ommm…” without wanting to guffaw!

Mindfulness is said to encourage a calm awareness of, and connection to, the body and the world around us. Its practice has been used to help people suffering from depression, personality disorders, anxiety and eating disorders. I want to know if the techniques can help me, so I visit the London Buddhist Centre and meet experienced meditation teacher Valerie Mason-John. read the rest here.

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