Jung’s Red Book and what is normal anyway? (news roundup)

Happy Memorial Day!

  • Jung, C.G. – The Red Book that link is text. And here are a small taste of the paintings. — . For information on this book look here and here. I’ve got a copy of the book but have not been well enough to read it. I relish the thought of being able to delve into it in the hopefully not too distant future. The book is 10 lbs and needs to be on a table and read while seated which is the biggest problem for me now. I still need to be resting most of the time and when I’m up I do more active things.
  • Doc, Am I Normal? Yes. | World of Psychology — Our culture does a pretty terrible job educating us about normal human functioning. In fact, after 12 years of school, and then 10 more years of college and graduate school, I never once had a single full lecture on “normal” or “healthy” functioning. That fact alone helps me understand some of the questions or fears my clients have. Before we go any further, one thing I want to note is that all of the experiences below can still be unpleasant, and we can benefit from learning new perspectives and approaches.

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