Something to try for insomnia…

This has helped me with my post-withdrawal induced insomnia. It takes people many months and sometimes years to regain a natural sleep cycle after discontinuing psychiatric medications. This is a non-invasive and safe thing to try. This is a post I shared on some of the benzo boards. I found out that others on the boards had similar experiences.

This may sound a bit far-fetched but it’s helping me improve my sleep a lot and so for anyone who might benefit I want to share:

I started feeling like the electromagnetic radiation from my computer was hurting me…it felt like the energy was messing with my being…that is about all I can say really. When I closed my laptop there would be a bit of relief from an unpleasant energy.

I know there will be people who think this is “woo.” But for those who may be sensitive like I seem to be this information may be helpful.

I did some research and there are people who report symptoms of electromagnetic radiation sickness.

Wireless laptops give off lots of electromagnetic radiation. This is a video showing the radiation that is emitted.

I ended up first giving up wireless and plugging a cable into my computer and then I went a step farther and lately starting around 7 pm I turn off all electricity in my room.

I turn off my cell, my computer and my clock radio…I UNPLUG all outlets in my room…

I use a candle for light.

I have undeniably been sleeping better since I started doing this.

It’s amazing and it was suggested to me by a woman I know who went through much of what we go through in her healing process from a gun shot wound to the head (head injuries I’m finding have some similar symptoms to some of the more extreme withdrawal syndromes) I saw a post noting that once on a benzo board too, recovery has some parallels.

okay…so if it resonates with your experience try it…can’t hurt and it may help!

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