Positives About Withdrawal

This is an excerpt from Benzo-Wise: A recovery companion — by Baylissa Frederick who operates the website Recovery Road that has many resources for successful withdrawal and recovery from benzos. Baylissa is one of my greatest inspirations and has written other inspiring and healing posts on this blog too.

It is good to keep remembering that every symptom is evidence that your nervous system is healing. It is readjusting to being fully functional without the drug. You are going through this to get to that place of full recovery. Symptoms are symbolic of the recovery process.

If you have not been able to work, it allows you to get a well-deserved break from the rat-race. You get an opportunity to re-evaluate your work aspirations and even make plans for a career change post-recovery, if that is what you have decided you want.

You may have found that at least one person has turned out to be the most supportive, loyal and non-judgemental friend or family member that anyone could ever ask for. If you have lost connections with others who were unable to support you for whatever reasons, you now have more space in your life to welcome new and harmonious relationships, which you will.

You may have gained confidence as well as renewed respect for your body for having endured withdrawal. You may find that once you are over the shock of the experience, you will have a sense of invincibility and no challenge will ever again phase you.

You may find that the benzo experience has made you tap into your spirituality and has re-ignited your relationship with and belief in a God, Higher Power, Source, Spirit – whatever name you use or concept you have. You now have an unshakable faith and will approach any future obstacles with confidence.

It is possible that you are now au fait with coping strategies, techniques, alternative therapies, healthy eating, exercise, and are on your way to being fitter and more balanced in mind, body and spirit than you were before. You have become a walking reference library, well-equipped to help yourself and others.

Things are no longer taken for granted. You may notice feeling pleased and grateful for being able to accomplish a simple task or hobby that at one point, during the worst of withdrawal, you doubted you would ever be able to do again.

If you are experiencing withdrawal, it means you are on your way to creating a new beginning. You can look forward to being benzo-free, to having a clear, lucid mind, a strong, retentive memory, being focused and able to concentrate. Your cognition will no longer be impaired and you will feel like a new person.

Being in withdrawal means you are preparing for a new healthy reality that will give stability, clarity and purpose, and make you open to receiving your good.

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