Robert Whitaker and a roomful of psychiatrists from Harvard

Massachusetts General is the Harvard affiliated hospital. Robert Whitaker is doing what he hoped his book would allow. Getting out and being heard by all sides. Reaching a new generation of psychiatrists is what it will in part take to change the course psychiatry has gone. Thank you Robert Whitaker. It couldn’t have been comfortable in that room:

Special Report: Do Psych Drugs Do More Long-Term Harm Than Good?

It was an explosive question: Might it be that the overuse of psychiatric medications is making many people sicker than they would have been, and preventing their recovery? Are the medications causing an epidemic of long-term psychiatric disability?

And it was about to be debated at a pinnacle of psychopharmacology, the top-rated psychiatry department in the country.

The match had drawn a full house to the fabled “Ether Dome” at Massachusetts General Hospital, the historic medical amphitheater where ether was first demonstrated as an anesthetic in 1846. (read the article here, there is a video too)

For links to Robert Whitaker’s extensive body of work start here. His two seminal works on psychiatry in book form are: Anatomy of an Epidemic and Mad in America.

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