Yoga for sleep, insomnia, or deep relaxation

Yoga is proving to be a hugely important part of my rehab. I can still rarely do more than 10 minutes at a time, but on good days I do a couple of minutes of various yoga poses several times a day. It can be either wonderfully invigorating when I need a bit of a boost or alternately it can be relaxing and calming when that instead is what is called for.

I’m sharing a very easy video that shows how simple beginning yoga can be. Even simple routines like the one below can result in powerful energy shifts. If one is a beginner getting started very slowly on youtube works! You can learn little bits at your own pace.

This video is instructions for a short session. I do recommend you try doing each exercise for at least a couple of minutes extending the whole series to about 10 minutes or so. Doing things slowly and deliberately while breathing with the movements helps bring about deep relaxation.


More YOGA here.

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