this fragile web: why every moment matters (Happy Winter Solstice and Holidays)

Update Dec 2015 — Have a happy winter solstice…be sure to take it easy too, if you’re like me it’s time to go inward and slow down. I’m learning to respect these strong pulls of nature and not pathologize it as psychiatry likes to do. I change with the seasons…just like all of nature. I am nature too. It’s natural for our affect to change as well. No disorder if one actually cooperates and learns from this deep connection we have with all that is.

I received a link from my old blogging friend Rachel Snyder from be whole now to this lovely poem and video as a winter solstice greeting. I share it now too, for the holidays.


To read the entire poem on Rachel’s blog see here: this fragile web: why every moment matters

Yes: everything matters

I’ve shared a couple of other poems by Rachel on Beyond Meds too: If you feel lost and alone

More of Rachel Snyder’s work:

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●  Be Filled With Faith: Words of Well-being to Strengthen Your Spirit

●  365 Words of Well-Being for Mothers

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