On gratitude as a practice

Gratitude is the sweetest of all the practices for daily life and the most easily cultivated, requiring the least sacrifice for what is gained in return. It is a very powerful form of mindfulness practice, particularly for those who have depressive or self-defeating feelings, and those with a reactive personality who habitually notice everything that’s... Continue Reading →

Studies have shown lavender and jasmine are calming

There are so many gentle simple things we can do to help ourselves. If we put many of them together we find they may be enough to heal us. Aromatherapy is often considered to be "woo." Below, though are two reports of studies that seem to indicate that these two scents are indeed, mildly psychoactive.

Saturday mellow

Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor, crafting beautiful pieces that move in the pattern of raindrops falling and waves combining. Take nine minutes and be mesmerized by his meditative art -- inspired in equal parts by math and nature.

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