A deadly epidemic, psychiatric drugs

These deaths are very early deaths among patients taking psychiatric drugs. When I heard Mr. Whitaker quote one recent study that put the average age of death among a group of medicated patients at 45, I was stunned. Forty-five years old. With such a large percentage of the American population taking psychiatric drugs, this is adeadly epidemic. This is a medical emergency. I’m 47. I’m mostly unable to leave my house from the iatrogenic damage psychiatric drugs left me with. I do this blog that I might help others make better choices. I was not given a choice. Today, drug-free, my mind and spirit are clear, but my body is wrecked. Please educate yourselves.

Desire and deep longing

Embedded in desire is a longing to experience full love and aliveness. In this brief talk, we explore the process that carries us from fixation to fulfillment.

Transforming Despair (Joanna Macy)

In American culture, we are conditioned to try to keep a smiling face and remain chipper at all costs. A lack of optimism somehow indicates a lack of competence. Feelings of despair are treated reductionistically as a function of personal maladjustment. This doubles the burden individuals carry. Not only do they feel bad about their world, but they feel bad about feeling bad. Feeling the pain of the world is not a weakness....

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